Hurry UP and WAIT

This shit is pure flames, should be pinned on the first page because it's so fire. My nigga Terv put in some serious work on the edit. Gameplay in the first is geared towards the edit, second song is lit, third song is when you remember why I'm one of the best to ever do this shit my nigga. This is the last time some gameplay by me will grace your eyes tbh. I appreciate you all, even you  Wanny. So enjoy this shit because my nigga Terv made it do what it does. Had to change the link cuz youtube be on the pure bullshit if ya know what I mean. Songs: HUAW by some nigga, Darkside/Gone by the GOAT,  Famous by Pablo. Enjoy this shit cuz the editing if flames.

tldr: I'm shit, Terv's shit and fucc Rhis





Straight fire

Edit was fire really smooth video cool cool
this shit is still heat
also fucc rhis