Klickz :: Input - Halo Highlights

Gameplay is nothing special, but I felt the need to make a video. Content is content, try and enjoy.. Thanks fellas.


Good stuff. I liked the quad double, double triple on middy. Some great 1v1 snipes and ninjas as well.
Homie don't play H4, you're better than that.  The triple kill at 1:29 was clean.  
I liked this shiet right hurr
Actually, I thought the H4 in this was sweet, and appreciated seeing it. If nothing else it's cool for variety, which this video had a ton of.
Thanks for your feedback bro. I was thinking about not putting anymore H4 in my videos, but since you enjoyed the variety I think I've changed my mind :)
I love variety, but most people seem to not like it when I include H4 or H5 in my videos, so it's somewhat of a hard decision whether I should keep including them or not lol. 
good stuff dude
Thanks bud. Miss ya mane. Where have you been?
Im finishing up my last year of college right now in Los Angeles. I havn't played any halo or xbox in a few years.
Ohh word. Good shit bro. Working on any projects?
im doing a lot of client work atm. no time for video game stuff right now
Word. Good to hear man. Keep it up. Message me on something sometime. Do you have whats app, kik or anything else?
im always on skype and discord if you wanna talk
Word. I think you blocked me on skype. What is yours again?

my thing is puba2342

I believe i just unblocked you so try sending me a message or request.