Halo 3 must be revived

Guys please go to https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/298503-backwards-compatibility/suggest...              we need to vote for halo 3 on backwards compatibility! WE MUST REPOPULATE the greatest game in the halo franchise  
Leave a response if you've already done it or if your going to! thanks :)
Thank you 
Done :) Would love to see it get to the 1st page.
me too cmon man we have to get everyone here to vote! spread the word! 
Done. It's sad that Halo 4 has more votes atm

^I saw that too. disgusting. mainly because H4 feels barely any different from the one in MCC. it's literally the best 'ported' halo game ever.  

I have to add that black ops 2 has been the most requested game for a while now, and they haven't done shit with it. kind of discouraging. 

very sad halo 4 in my opinion is the worst halo of them all :( plz halo gods we need halo 3 alive again

h3 and h2 forever <3

I'm honestly, genuinely shocked Halo 3 isn't in the top 5 voted games. Weird.