Road to 50: TEAM SLAYER

I need people to play Team Slayer who are willing to win and nerd to get the 50.

I usually vote for H2C gameplays (and it also appears to be the one much more played based on my calculation i played 16 games yesterday, 11 on h2c, 4 on h3 and 1 on h1)

I am actually rank 9 so please add me or text me here so we can party up and go and rape kids.

GT: JERLCH0 (the "o" is a zero)

Played against you on Friday in a midship slayer game. Went 28-3.  Send me an FR and I'll join you. 

Edit: we already added each other on Friday lol. Send me an invite whenever and I'll join you and your buddy. 

Intec (the I is a L)