Let's Play! [add me I'm ronery]

Anyone tryna play MCC tonight?  Don't care which game.

whenever I'm online, you can invite me
been playing a lot the past week, dunno if I'll stick to it this time but we'll see how it goes

I'm going to be playing H2 every night from now on and I'd like to find some people to play customs with! My friends list is pretty empty at the moment! Add me! =)

GT - l Slash RF l
added! H2C 1v1's at any time :)
True N3rd          play with meh

i'm trying to get back into mcc so anyone on here feel free to add me: ur pro friend

try to include a message that you're from here, but i don't get requests so i'll prolly accept anyway. we will play some tonight and hopefully i have a mic somewhere.

Who's up to take challenge??
Anyone up to play in 30 mins? GT: inxy

by GoLiaTH is my gamertag 


i need friendz

GT: xShelton (formally as xRiPSaWx aha).

Looking for people who are still playing H2C! 

If anyone wants to play 360 H3 add TAISUMOV
Looking for a matching team, Im currently hovering between 16-1700 onyx but didn't play pre-season. HMU @ Scotchyy and @ ScotchyWINS
looking for people who still play h2c or customs.. add me: L0u nee   - 0 is a zero

rk nokt

Down for whatever really besides H4. I suck at Halo 3, but still like to play and get better.
Always down for H2 customs
Usually playing TS/Snipers in MM when I'm not in customs.

Yo I'm down to just play some 1v1's for fun on h3 or h2 add me at BR so Faithful.

The best Halo CE server :3


playing mcc quite alot now and its getting ronery 


GT: Eiiision 

Always down for H2 FFA/MM even though I'm bad. Also H5. GT is the same as my username on here
I'll play with you on Saturday if you're still down for MCC.
Let's play Halo 3 Xbox One

GT: inxy

getting on in 10 mins tbh

Havent played in over a year :) Halo 5 or MCC

GT: uhh JeReMy II

stay retired old man. you can't hang with the young bloods any more.
Might get on MCC. I'll update this post with the tag I'm using.
Might get on MCC. I'll update this post with the tag I'm using. FLIPPERS16
Playing for ranks this weekend and live capping.  GT = BxSouijah
GT - ahitofdank. Need people to play with so add me please!
Still running? GT: adversitive 
Add me! Would like to play ffas on midship!! I got no mic yet. Gt: I'm Mr Lebowski

been playing for about a week now no one playing mcc on my list anymore... add me inv me play with me


GT: Eiiision

added. My xbox is basically for halo 2 and nhl

Looking H2/H3 peeps.

Tag: i brisk x

Halo Reach PC?


Adddddd me on Steam

Clint Beastwood

PS I get a ton of garbage F/Rs on steam, so just drop me a line on here that you're adding me with your tag so I know not to ignore

yoo, i need to fix something bout mah PC but me and deathenator will be playing on Steam

Will shoot you an FR when im live, prob next week

Oh helllll yeah


feel free to add me if you wanna play