Serious H5 Matchmaking + Jumps?

After being away from Live for so many years, I realized I don't really have anyone all that well to play with. I have my friends that I know personally, but I can only play with them for so long lol.  So I'm looking for anyone who's up for matchmaking. I'm not asking for anything special, but if you die, or see someone, just fucking communicate lolol.

And as for jumps, I've been slowly finding little jumps that are useful here and there, and was wondering what other people have managed to come across that may be beneficial.

So if anyone like to add me, feel free to. 
GT - Bobzyyy

A lot of the maps have obvious pillars and little bits of random rocks or foilage for you to clamber on for nice flank routes and shortcuts... Like on Orion you can jump and clamber from DMR tower over to Railgun, or if you're outside railgun 1 near mid instead of going into the main entrance choke point theres a little pillar for you to hop on inbetween top mid and railgun balcony and you can hop up. Go into customs and look for little things like this and get a mental map going it helps a lot trust me

Yeah, I'm well aware of the obvious ones like on Orion. And that's actually what kind of sparked me to post this thread, was that I was in a custom. 
I was more talking about jumps like a crouch jump to clamber. Or more or so convenient jumps to possibly use while you're not sprinting, or without the use of clamber. Either way, thanks for the reply man! I'll shoot you a friend request.