Boycott Halo 5

I would go on a rant about Halo 5 myself, but Favyn summed it up very nicely in this.

Some of you may have already seen this. If not, watch if you care.  Don't, if you want to maintain your hype and you're excited for the little you've seen. Comment and try to persuade me into buying it within the first week. I'd really like it, but it just doesn't seem worth it.

I actually think it's really impressive that after all the dissapointments 343 caused like Halo 4 and it's constantly dissapointing updates and the mcc launch, it has such a strong marketing team that it keeps people actually trusting the company to do something without dissapointing them. I have only watched 2 gameplays and a beta montage about halo 5 so I really don't know how it is but when it is true what this guy says then the launch will be about what you would expect from a 343 launch if you are not looking to the launch through your "halo 5 hype glasses". But then again, if Halo 5 will be like Halo 4 where it can keep attracting about 50.000 players a day untill the halo 6 launch about 2 years from now and so create enough hype for the Halo 6 launch to be succesful as well then the h4/5/6 trillogy project will have been a financial succes. So that's all 343 really needs to accomplish and I think they will.

They manage to get people hyped for their game by showing off brand new stuff that really isn't new at all. Breakout, we could have made that ourselves. Warzone, bits and pieces from other (now unavailable) gametypes put together. They restrict our freedom with gametypes and forge, and make us depend on them bringing us the content.

Once we're caught in the hype, it takes a lot to bring us down. Nobody likes having their hype killed, as Favyn says. But we have perfectly good reasons to be skeptical about what Halo 5 will be, judging 343i by their history. Nothing ever ends up better than what they promise us, and rarely ever as good. If we should be critical about the game, now is the best time to be. People are playing the game on Twitch already, and everything is on the table. Take off the hype-glasses, and actually look at what we're getting here. 

I got caught in the hype for Halo 4, and after two weeks I finally realized what we were left with. This is the same story all over again, and I'm not going to fall for it this time. Its flashy, gameplay looks good, but does it have what it takes to actually pick up new players and make them loyal fans of the series for years to come? Most likely, no. It's not looking good for Halo 5.

wahey i was starting to think i was being a big old grumpy fucker by not giving a single fuck about h5, and last week even considered maybe buying it when it comes out as it actually looks kinda fun. Well this video has made me glad i didn't buy into the hype at all, my dreams wont be crushed by the halo series anymore. This is the end of the line for me, i'll continue to play MCC for as long as i enjoy it but after that im out of halo for good.
Well this bummed me out

 Comment and try to persuade me into buying it within the first week.

Nah, be an informed consumer and make your own decision.

Did you play Halo 2 on launch? That was nothing compared to what it turned into. If you enjoyed the beta at all, I would definitely give it a chance. Arena and Warzone look incredible, and it does look like they've balanced the game really well. Also if you're a CE fan, how can you not get excited about pistol starts again? Once this game gets about 2-3 months in, its going to be amazing I think. I think I played the beta more than I did Reach and 4 combined. Not every Halo launch was even close to perfect, games take time to develop once they come out. League, CS GO, Starcraft, Diablo, every good game gets better over time. 

Honestly it just comes down to if you enjoy playing the game to spend $60 on it, because its only going to get better over time just like Halo CE - Reach did

Saying that the remixed maps are lazy is hilarious, tons of time was poured into testing and balancing the maps, not to mention how much times it takes to dress it up via the art team.

I like this, you made some great points about games and their initial releases. Still, the hype can be blinding. It happened for me with Halo 4, and even though they tried to make it better, it never actually got any better. I trust that games get better over time, I just don't trust that 343i can make it happen. Everything they've done as a company has been a humongous fail, and I can't just gloss over that like it never happened.

And Dante, I wouldn't have posted this had I not been informed and kept up with Halo 5's progression for months already.
I've made my decision. I'm giving you guys a chance to leave your thoughts, either for or against Halo 5. What you quoted is just my way of saying, "Try me. See if you can give me some reasonable opinions on why Halo 5 will be worth the money."

I'd really like to hear the positives so I can set them up against the negatives.

Halo 5 is the first Halo game since I started playing that I won't be buying on release. Absolutely hated the beta and have no interest in playing the actual game unless the reviews are extremely positive.  I bought Halo 4 just because it was Halo, played it for a week, and became extremely bored with it. Hopefully Team Hardcore can stay populated for my Halo fix.

I've made my decision.


No, I get it. You don't like having your hype killed. That's perfectly natural. You can go now.

Not at all, I'm cautiously optimistic for the game. It's the strongest out of box sandbox and raw gameplay we've had since CE imo. But the lack of features, gametypes, etc is extremely worrying.

You however, are skewed incredibly negative to the point where I don't see the point in even having a discussion. You've reiterated several times that you have no intention of buying or even receiving the game as a gift, so why would I bother?

I don't know if you have game rentals where you live (Gamefly, Redbox, etc.) if you do I'd say rent it and see if it's worth it to you.

Sorry for having to trick it out of you, but thanks.

I've been extremely back and forth about this game, but with the most recent discoveries about things like theater, gamemodes lacking, forged maps being counted in the total, it has all left a sour taste in my mouth. I still have tomorrow to decide what to do, but I am very heavily leaning towards not picking it up, and I'm trying to suppress myself from being excited about it because I will not allow myself to be disappointed again. I want to talk about the game to find out what it has to offer, because I still care about Halo more than any other game series. 

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Ya the theater mode thing is something that really pisses me off. However I honestly think that Microsoft is making games just use their DVR system and not encourage using different equipment. I think it honestly just comes down to if you enjoy the game, if you enjoy the 4v4 arena mode and the maps then I'd for sure buy it. Once forge gets implemented its going to be great.
The theater mode downgrades infuriate me to no end. They need to stop giving us shittier versions of what we had 8 years ago.
With 343's track record with Halo 4 and the MCC how can anyone be surprised at this point?   I agree with everything that dude said.  

So please don't buy it. Don't support this shit anymore.


If this guys review is on point, the entire game will be a let down. I'd still take it with a grain of salt since it's his own opinion, but I personally agree with what he says about Locke and introducing a bunch of new "main" characters. It's not needed at all.

You don't have to buy it if you don't like the changes and mechanics of the game but if people think they will enjoy this game then why shouldn't they buy it. The only thing I would be anxious about is whether 343 will be able to succesfully implement updates to keep improving the game post launch since in the past they've shown that that really is the company's weakness.
Because it's the only way to stop them from making half-assed games. If we accept it and keep buying, nothing is going to change. They make profit with as little work as possible, and the consumers keep eating it up because it's Halo.
I think I'll still buy it because it looks like a lot of fun especially with a friend or two, but this guy makes fucking solid commentaries, really knows how to get a point across.
Yeah the forced DVR used is just an example of 343i being a division of Microsoft :/

Always get a few gamestop gift cards from random relatives I only see around my bday/christmas so I'll probably end up getting it at some point but I'm not getting it off launch.

The theater mode downgrades infuriate me to no end. They need to stop giving us shittier versions of what we had 8 years ago.

What did they do to fuck with theater again? 

I havent even humored the option of buying H5. Halo 4 sucked, still sucks, and ever since Destiny I promised I wouldn't let either company drill me out of money with bullshit microtransactions and false advertising. They still havent even fixed MCC, which you would think would be simple enough seeing all they did was compile the fucking games together, but you trust that Halo 5 is somehow going to be amazing.. ohkayy. I'll be on Black Ops 3 until everyones ready to come back to MCC and complain about how they wasted their money on a game they play for like 6hrs. Bungie/343 and Activision are all working together to graft people out of money with as little work as possible, honestly their PR teams are fucking amazing and all need raises. 
That was a decent post until you threw in "ill be on black ops 3"

Well, I heard some stuff that theaters features have not only been downgraded; the whole thing is broken. If anyone played Modern Warfare 3 and remember how off shots would look when you re-watched your films in theater in that; Halo 5 is like that. Ninja was going to save an Overkill yesterday, and he noticed how nothing was on point in the clips in theater. Shots that hit look like they miss. You basically have to be live capping if you ever want to make a montage.

Praise Microsoft for the Mighty DVR.

I think the theater system is something we can't really blame 343 for.
Minor features missing like zoom and lack of file share we absolutely can and should. The shoehorning of the Xbox Game DVR, not so much.
Ya I mean the file share system is almost a different thing in itself. If it doesn't come with Forge, that will be a huge fucking blow to me

I just don't understand how; regardless of your opinion on H5, can you support a game developer that is selling you a broken product for the 3rd time in a row?   Too many people are speaking with their wallets in the wrong way by pre-ordering and allowing this to happen.


watched parts of the vid and he has some very good points, 343 doesnt seem to have changed at all.

also as a side note: i watched most (99%) of the h5 campaign and that story has NOTHING to do with the original trailers for H5 that were released that promised a heated battle between Locke and Chief. idk what happened to those original concepts but that plot seems 1000x more interesting than the one presented, which again was completely different from the marketing campaigns i've seen for it.

>Halo marketing

>Ever actually being consistent with the game

Come on man.

To the guy earlier in the thread who implied Halo 4 had a good player base, lololololwut. That game died after a few weeks, as it should have. 

Halo 5 is the biggest middle finger to Halo fans, they've taken all the awful things added to Halo since the original trilogy and used them as the basis for this game. It's a sick joke, and I find it impossible to not believe that Halo 5 will die off as quickly as Halo 4. It's petty and pointless, but at this point I fucking despise 343 and hope they go bankrupt. 

I even have a quiet faith that Halo 5 won't sell as well as it should, which shouldn't even be much of a stretch considering Halo 4 didn't sell well at all relative to Halo 3. Either way, i find it mind boggling that some people who have loved Halo longer than I have still are excited for this game. Maybe I'm too cynical, but I really thought that after the 3rd awful Halo game post Halo 3, all the original fans had finally reached saturation point. It makes me genuinely sad to see people defending Halo 5 on this thread, and on other forums. 

Regardless, I can't see the Halo 5 release being anything other than an even more devastating version of the atrocious Halo 4 hangover, except this time I get to put my feet up and watch you annoying optimistic types admit how incredibly wrong you were while I spend that money on a copy of fallout instead  



I'm going to girlcott this.

I already planned on not getting this, 343 is trash and cancer to the gaming community and the halo fan base. I think the long time halo fans are hyping this up because it's the first game that's starting to stray away from equipment shit and it has a quality weapon as your starting gun.  I think they just want more people to play as well.