I'm back !

Hey everyone, 

Some of you noticed that I've been back on halo for 3 weeks now. I can't retrieve my former THF account, I've been trying the whole year, I think the 'Lost account' seems to have trouble working.

I've spent the last 6 months traveling in Asia, I will post videos about my trip if any of you guys is interested about that.
Right now I just edited a video about the shark cage diving I did in Australia, I'll post it on THF, check it out.

So you can basically add me for everything on Halo 2 and CE. I still have trouble to get use to the new xbox and shit, this is pretty new for me. 
Even though I already have awesomely funny gaming sessions with Alcom and Klickz, I hope to see some of you online (Brandon aswell).

This is good to be back on Halo 2 :)


wahey welcome back dude :)
Talk to Nv1, he can probably help you get your account.