ZRTROOKIO & UncutFighter- "Four Three" - An H2V Dualtage - Edited by ZRTROOKIO

We wanted to make a video in a 4:3 aspect ratio for that OG H2 feel. So we played for about a week in 4:3 and got some clips! Enjoy!



Download: https://mega.nz/#!3jB1XAqa!OXf80fVY3ZlSk_6fp56CHJNUq5LGUWNjmQ_QLghFXyY

Updated with download link

Loved everything about it.  Nicely done. Thank you. 
Really, REALLY wanted to do this with Halo 3, entitled 720x480, but unfortunately, the ending required a rather gratuitous  3D cumshot, and I couldn't get any editors, so.....
rip. H3 SD looks amazing as well. I think Phurion and Fluxy 2 was rendered in 480p even though it was probably capped in 720