Halo 2 PC Weapon Rebalance Mod To Match Original Halo 2

Just gonna copy my description and paste it.

Big shout out to UF ShadowTeddy and Hootspa for doing the coding stuff. (freaking Vegas cut the first frame of that default Plasma Rifle out in the comparison...idk why lol) I wanted to do this project for myself and for H2V while at the same time knowing it would help benefit many in the Halo 2 community. I went through and recorded all footage from both Halo 2 Xbox and Halo 2 PC in 29.97 FPS. I then went through and modified each weapon with Assembly on H2V until it's fire had the same frame to frame matches of that on original Halo 2. I hope a lot of people enjoy this. I know I certainly have and will (even though it was a bit annoying at times lol).

I want to continue trying to get an even better match with H2X with not just fire rates, (and I plan to do turrets and such as well, don't worry) but also other aspects of the game that has its differences. I love H2V for what it is. I love the super fast Carbine, BR and all else etc. I also love original H2 and how it plays too. So that's why I wanted to make this mod, to have the best of both that not only I could enjoy, but others as well! The update should be released on Project Cartographer soon and like I said it will be gametype name activated so you will need H2X in your game name to have it apply! Thanks for watching (and reading)!



damn that looks awesome! it'll be nice to have something new to adapt to and experiment with! (never properly played H2X)
does it also affect the buttoncombos? I'm guessing it won't, would be op af to haha #H2Xdoubleshots'17! 

It does appear to change it. However, I think as to whether or not it's "easier" or "harder" would be up the the individual users.