Its been about a year and a half since I FIRST asked you to take the most memorable Halo 2 content you've ever seen in your life, I'm calling you out. On behlaf it has been a year and a half and the Halo 2 content I have it unlike anything you have ever seen. I have been saving clip(s) since the night MCC came out when i hit my first Jaro. I can already tell you from just by watching Blazins video over and over and over again(NO DISRESPECT). Mine is a ticket someone should punch, I think that person is you. So why not give me a reply I cab link you the clips and we can talk or the Skype name below. You cats have NO CLUE, epsecially you H2V Lost In Time kids. My brother died playing this game with seizures and I am the other half of the Venn Diagram with my head issues. My concussion symptoms are no joke and I have had them for years & years. Football protocol consussions I am talking here from not even playing football ever since I was 13 I have had them. It has, as you could say not allowed to grow up to my full capacity. Halzred do not keep your tail between your legs here brother. This montage will be the succesor to my very first H3 motage I attempted in Feb of 2010 when Muggsy did my project for merely $50. Cheers to my brother, RIP JEREMY MICHAEL GRANT







Send me a link to all of your clips and I'll take a look. Can't make you any promises though my man. 

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My bad now check your inbox bro