Any "The Last of Us" fans here?

Havent played the game, but I have watched gameplay of the whole thing on YouTube (including the DLC). Incredible game. Absolutely loved it.  Some of the best character development I have ever seen.  Terrifying, sad, hopeful and beautiful all at once.
I bought it for the PS3, but never ended up finishing it. I'll probably pick it up on the PS4 when it reaches under $20.

It's basically the best interactive movie I've ever experienced.


The storytelling, progression, characters and setting/scenery is well done, although nothing original. The anti-hero/gray morale in Joel and the progression of Ellie's innocence and childishness is better than several movies coming out. It's also one of the few games I've really gotten immersed into. Didn't want to put the controller down, didn't want it to be over when it was. Definitely one of my top games when it comes to experience/adventure. Purely gameplay-wise it was nothing insanely special, and a lot of bugs, but you didn't really mind them, and they were rare. Just a well polished, good game. Definitely something to try out if you like adventure/action. Naughty Dog are just overall great at making games.

Played through it on PS3 and enjoyed it enough to buy it again on PS4. It really is a solid game. The MP is worth playing as well.
I agree.