Counter Strike: Global Offensive/Source/1.6 Megathread

Discuss counter strike games here in all its forms. To kick off discussion just bought a 33/33/33 110% flip knife fade and it is a beaut.


Counter Strike Global Offensive was released on August 21, 2012, and made available for Microsoft Windows and OS X on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and a US-only version on PlayStation Network.[1] The Linux version was released in September 2014.[2] It features classic content, such as revamped versions of classic maps; as well as brand new maps, characters and game modes. Cross-platform multiplayer was planned between Windows, OS X and PSN players,[3] but was ultimately limited to Windows and OS X because of the differences in update-frequency between systems.[4] The PSN version offers three input control methods, which include using either the DualShock 3 controller, PlayStation Move or USB keyboard/mouse.



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Steam account: craftyy
​Rank: Master Guardian II 

Opened my first case ever. Got a dark water scout.

: |

I don't play much at all because I'm trash, but I watch a lot of CSGO streams and I've never understood the case opening thing. It seems like slot machines for gamers lol.

When I get paid I often open a few, so it is essentially like a way of mindlessly gambling I suppose. Its a waste but I don't put a lot into it so I'm not worried.

Currently I am on my way back up to master guardian, I was MG but I started playing with silver friends and went down to silver elite master. Now I'm at gold nova 2 and rising. Playing faceit with Distinguished Master Guardians and I am 2nd to top fragging so thats where I am hoping to be in 2-3 months.

So it's pretty much harmless, and you can get cool skins and shit. I get that. My only exposure to it has been people opening like 30 cases on stream and it just seems like such a dumb waste of money. I've never felt the urge to buy cosmetic stuff for games though, so it's just a weird little phenomenon to me.

Like I said I don't play because I'm trash... but I did play a lot of Source in high school. Someone installed it on all the PCs in the lab at school and once a week we would have about 20-30 people meet after class and LAN for a few hours. That shit was a blast.

I opened up my first case the other day too. I got the money from selling cases that didn't have anything that looked cool to me. I think I'd rather just save up my money from selling cases/skins and just directly purchasing what I want.

Personally, I find it fun to watch.
Also, the money coming in, especially from bigger streamers, is donation revenue, as a fan I think it'd be nice to see your donation being used (rather than  you not being able to see it being used)

Currently at Silver 4 on my main, and 1 more match to get a rank on my alt (because fuck 7 day bans for d/cing). Will update what rank I get.

Edit: Silver 2 lads get in

I opened up my first case the other day too. I got the money from selling cases that didn't have anything that looked cool to me. I think I'd rather just save up my money from selling cases/skins and just directly purchasing what I want.
Makes much more sense economically. Less fun tho. Still dropping big numbers in the mid novas, usually go on long win streaks with my mates. Some of them used to be shit and now they are getting damn near as good as me.
cbble updates! Can't wait to see them.


DMG shitter. Add me and we'll play some games.

Started getting back into GO in my free time. Finally got ranked as a Silver Elite Master. Don't know if i'll ever solo queue.  Competitive gets too toxic if you're new.

Anyone watching Katowice? Cloud 9 getting stomped right now.

I've started playing again when I get the chance; I still suck haha. I want to get good though, so I'm going to continue playing. 

If you guys wanna play, let me know your steam account! 

Steam account is Wugums, me and Smite used to play non-stop, but haven't in ages. I want to get back to it though.
Fre $$$$ on CS:GO Lounge
what a comeback and a final that was...I was really cheering for NiP

also allu just proved to everyone why he was picked up

This thread is stuck in Katowice 2015 huh, funny. I got  into CS bigtime after katowice.


Add me for CSGO, tgingle. Haven't played CS since 1.6, trying to get back into the swing of things. Still pretty bad right now though :( Haven't had a pc since like 07-08.

hi bitplague

I might start playing CS again, need something to do late at night when I'm not wrenching around

Gonna get back into this although the last time I played I got ninja defused on twice and I vowed to quit life

add bawksee (dear god I hate this steam account name)

Started playing CSGO ever since Halo 4 came out and loved every minute of it. Honestly regret not playing CS earlier since it's so much fun. 

Add me on Steam if any of you want to play, IGN is currently Lionel Messi (lol). Hovering around LE/LEM for now, looking to get SMFC and maybe Global over the summer.

I actually never played CS, I do watch a lot of CS edits though that make me want to. I may get steam sometime soon when my PC mobo stops giving me the red light of death. Jw, does CS have a theater type mode? I almost bought it for 360 to try it out
Yeah, it does. It's actually much, much better than theatre mode. Each replay is saved as a demo and you can do a lot of stuff while recording like slowing down the speed, keyframing camera movements, etc. It's pretty good.

Awesome, I'm probably going to try it out this weekend. I've always wanted to make a CS fragvid, 


Steam summer sale starts in 4 days and you should be able to pick a copy of CSGO for ~$5 or less. I got my copy for $1.69 lol but they stopped selling it for that low because of all the new accounts used to smurf or cheat.

It's a bit more work but the demo system is way more rewarding.


Also I'd like to add people but playing with people from NA would suck. I'm GN4 which is weird since I play with a lot of eagle/puggers and we place well. It's just that I fuck around when I play alone and lose too much haha. CS is the biggest game for me right now.

I just started making a video today and demos are so fucking frustrating . I just learned smoothing and keyframing is really cool too. It's obviously miles better than Halo's but it's not user friendly at all. You need like a dozen tutorials to learn to use it well.

Also thinking about getting HLAE since I've heard it's the best thing to use for demos but I don't think I should complicate it even more lol.

EDIT: Here's a rough render. I know the quality is shit I play on a $300 laptop that runs CS at 30+ fps if I'm lucky.

Cloud9 2-0's FNATIC in Dreamhack semi's, holy shit.
Yeah that was absolutely insane. Kinguin 16-0 Virtus pro was really unexpected too. Lots of upsets recently.
Cloud9 got steamrolled.

Just hit SMFC. One more to Global :P

This is a pretty sick little CS:GO video, thought I share. The flow/sync was pretty sick I thought.

I came back to play for 2 days (like 3 hours total spread over these days) and see why I stopped

also have this

think I might do a giveaway for all my unopened cases

or just open them on a stream (Because that's always fun and people care)

picked up the CS all game deal for like 9 bucks so Im gonna be making stuff like kinda like this when i find time