H2 Lashout, 1:1 Scale Lockout Remake for Halo 5



H2 Lashout is a 1:1 scale of Halo 2's Lockout with 30+ hours of forge dedication.

I used respawn areas to size Halo 2 Anniversary's Lockdown, followed by converting those values for Halo 5, as well as going back to the original map.

Along with using MCC as a guide, I used my prior experience forging Lockout for Halo Reach and for Halo 4.

I chose to change up the aesthetics by making the map at night and by lighting up the map with the colors Mint and Ice Blue.

H2 Lashout keeps as faithful to the original as possible and is meant to be played with all abilities disabled but can still be played using default Halo 5 settings.

These values are recommended for a proper gameplay experience:
90% Forward Speed
90% Gravity

Gamertag: JesseInsanity
Map: H2 Lashout
Gametype: H2 Slayer

Disclaimer: I started this map when forge was first released. The current spawning is bugged for 1v1 gameplay due to the fact that I deleted my initial spawns(I hate myself for it XD). This map still plays great with FFA and Team Slayer. Breakout and Capture The Flag are experimental but since there's no option for One Flag, I do not recommend playing those gametypes. The screenshots look darker than how it looks in game and since the initial screenshots, I've increased the brightness of various areas.

looks pretty good, thanks for the effort mayne

Same feedback I left on TeamBeyond.

Just played a 3 man ffa on it.


It works best with no sprint. Thruster seemed fine. We needed clamber for the sneaky jump from Top Mid to Snipe 2 to 3 ramp.

Bottom Middle and Elbow to Snipe 2 were impossible to make.

Snipe seemed like it was on a really long timer.

Lift could use a little tweaking.

1v1 spawns are indeed broken. We spawns either bottom blue, right wing, or snipe 2 every time.

Even when we got 3 in for an ffa it was still the same 3 spawns.

It is indeed brighter than the screenshots show. I didn't have a problem seeing anyone.

Looks badass, i've been forging in H5 recently, only good part of the game, will check this out
My question for you is were you playing with the proper gravity and speed? Also, FFA spawns are better with more people.. Lift is also adjusted to the 90% gravity.