H:CE Weekly 2v2 Tournaments



Competitive Gaming Zone (CGZ) is a new small business created by gamers, for gamers to earn bragging rights along with cash prizes. We are a new company, owned by gamers, and we know what gamers want. As eSports expand in the United States and abroad, CGZ aims to be on the forefront of this industry. Our goal is to provide a venue that supports all aspects of eSports and more. Initially providing tournaments in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, we plan to expand as soon as possible. We care a lot about our customers and promise that each event will provide an opportunity for competitive gamers to display their talent. 

Week #1 Tournament Details!

*** UPDATED 7/16/2015 @ 2:30pm EST ***

Sign up is free! -http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/3aN07L8C3m

*When you sign up for the tournament, make sure your participant name is your XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG! If you/your opponents name is incorrect it may cause in a forfeit.

*In case of any difficulties during the tournament, send a message to "CGZ Wildcard" on XBOX LIVE!



*All teams must have a minimum of 2 players on the team roster to compete

*Any player that register for this tournament will be contacted on Xbox Live by " CGZ Wildcard" for gamertag confirmation. 

*Any player that registers with a non existing gamertag will be notified to fix their name on challonge.com or removed from the event.

*Check in process starts 2 hours before this event, any player that has not checked in before the tournament begins will automatically be removed from this event.

** Any problems that occur, please contact " CGZ Wildcard " on Xbox Live or message me here on the forum.

Game Settings

Highest seed team hosts the first match
Lowest seed team hosts the second match
Highest seed team hosts the third match

Time ** Could change before 7/25/2015 **
Tournament Starts @ 7:00 PM EST

Console: Xbox One
Brackets: Single Elimination 
Sets: Best of 3
Game Type: Team Slayer
No Death Bonus/ No Kill Penalty
Respawn Time: 5 Seconds
Score Limit: 50 Kills
Radar: Off
Suicide Penalty: 10 Seconds
Starting Weapons: Generic

This week's map ( Free events are played on 1 map, Cash events are traditional map rotations)
Chill out


Prize - 
1st Place - Free Entry into any cash event 
2nd Place - Discount into any cash event 
3rd Place - Discount into any cash event
Everyone else - HIGH FIVE!


Xbox Live GT - CGZ Wildcard

That's pretty cool of you guys
What are the cash prizes gonna range?