What is Nonduality? (Paging PM, Davo, etc)

And why is it that when I look it up on the internet or Youtube, all I get are results for what appear to be full of new age mysticism. The idea is much older than that no?

The reason I ask is I have a friend who is very much into this particular idea, and sort of talks over my head due to the fact that I have never researched it. The same topics keep coming up when I talk to them, like, "time is not real", "we are god", "there is no separation, only connectedness". Any of you have any relationships with people like this, or are into this stuff yourself?

http://www.gutenberg.org/files/3800/3800-h/3800-h.htm would be a very good start. will  edit in a response when i get time


A better search term would be "monism."
Spent the better part of my afternoon reading. Have some questions but don't have the gumption to write them up right now. Thanks @PM for the resource/info.

gumption >

btw ur friend sounds like a moron

Check out "Spirit Science" on YouTube. Its quick and to the point. Start at Episode 1 and let me know how it went. It pertains to what your friends are talking about i believe, and if not, i bet they would like this series anyways.