Vegas Help

Hey guys! I've recently been editing a video and I came across a problem. So I capped angles on a few Halo 2 maps using the oddball trick and I was wondering if theres a way to hide the HUD in Vegas other than using the two black bars in the pan/crop section? I was also wondering what bit rate should I be rendering my videos in? I'm sure one of you guys can help me with these two issues. Thanks much cool​ (Sorry if I posted in the wrong section. Haven't posted in years..)

....Sorry, but can anyone link me to some really good rendering settings for Vegas?? I'm in need.

You'll have to either zoom in until the HUD is out of sight or crop it by letterboxing. For rendering, I'd recommend rendering uncompressed AVI and then using other software to compress it for you but, if you want to render straight out of Vegas, here are Google's recommendations concerning bitrates, resolutions, etc.
Thanks a lot, dude. Do you have any rendering settings that you could link me to by any chance?

Here are my settings if I'm rendering straight to mp4. Usually, I render uncompressed though.

Thank you! Yo someone said in a tutorial "the higher the bit rate the better quality, but a bigger fle size." Is that false??
No, it's true. Higher bitrate > more data > higher quality > larger filesize.
Word. Well, I selected the highest bit rate on Vegas and compared it to yours and yours seemed to look better. Weird.
If I'm not mistaken, higher bitrates will only look better if your source footage is of high enough quality. Similar to how rendering 720p footage in 4K won't magically make it look like 4K, rendering low bitrate videos as a higher bitrate won't magically increase video quality. Codecs also make a big difference. A video using h.264 with the same bitrate as a video using h.263 will look much better, even though their bitrates are identical.
If only youtube accepted h265.  Had a better result with it and almost half filesize compared to h264.

If only youtube accepted h265.  Had a better result with it and almost half filesize compared to h264.


and x264 VBR 10-15k looks pretty good for 720p/1080p. If you cap in high bit rate with like an elgato or something try to use close to the original bit rate, the file size will still be much smaller do to the encoding on x264 or VP9