Looking for some top notch gameplay to edit

Whether it be H1, H2 or even H3...looking to see if anyone out there has some special gameplay they are looking to get edited for the contest. I'd like the gameplay to be along the lines of my last two videos Chasing Shadows and Wizard (obviously people don't hit shit like Hyena does, but you get the point).

PM me with some samples if you're interested.


Sent you one
Would you be willing to do a crossover vid H2/H3??

I would, cause I love you, but I can't get a Triple kill for cunt.


I'd love it if you could do an intro for me, though! wink

Yeah I got some sick SWAT triples. Will send my 186 item folder.
I have clips.
pick me i can doubleshot.
ayyyyy Hallllzreedddd

what up


Got lots of people interested already, looking into some clips that were sent now. Still no decisions made.

I'd send you some bomb H4 clips but you don't want them
I'm lookin for an editor for my h3 montage. got all my clips on a google drive (no angles).
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Evadur needs a good editor his clips are sick!
Send me some samples
Was this to everyone or a specific person?
Still looking?
He said top notch.

Yeah congrats you can revise what was written, but yours isn't top notch and never will be. My clips I have stored away are most certainly TOP NOTCH



Sure thing bud. I've seen your montages, clips and 8th place finishes.

Sure thing bud. I've seen your montages, clips and 8th place finishes.

fuck off dude he got sixth last night.

Oh shit, he's back.
I have some cool Campaign clips. Do those count?

Dear Halzred,

You've made some great videos, and it's taken me until now to actually start appreciating them. I need your help for a video I am trying to release. Just need the OK from people before I release this. It's up on youtube, so I don't need to send it to you through skype or anything, but I would love to speak to you through Skype and talk about "montage making." 

- Zo

Halzred are you finally ready, pardon the delay, but it was much needed.