Montage lengths and # of clips.

I posted a couple weeks ago what you guys thought about a Destiny/Halo montage, and you said not to. I forgot to look, but the handful of Destiny clips I had were already used *facepalm*.  So now I ask this: If I wanted to have an editor make me a montage with a specific song I want to use, how many clips of mainly multikills Overkill and higher (unless I get a really funny or sick triple kill) would I need? Right now I have 17 Halo 5 clips from when I first began recording clips. The song I want to use is 5 minutes and 38 seconds long.  I know I'd like to get a few more really nice clips If I can pull them off, but frankly I am not as good at getting high multikills/flashy multikills as the other well known montagers. 
Depends on the pace of the song. For example, if you're using a song from Pendulum, you'll likely need a lot more clips than you would if you used a slow song from Thrice due to the difference in tempo between the two. You can always cut down the song to make it shorter though, it's not difficult.
The song I have in mind is not from a mainstream artist.  It's "Collide" by Skillet. Yeah, its reasonably fast paced, but not like metal music. 

To be honest, Skillet is not that unknown when it comes to Halo montages. The first Halo montage I ever watched used Collide and there have been many others. Forever Savior's M1 used Whispers in the Dark, Stalin's M1 used Hero, there have been a few that used Comatose and Rebirthing. I've used Never Surrender haha.

Anyways, yeah it's a pretty slow song overall so you can probably get away with being on the lower end quantity wise.

^ 400 000+ views.

I'd advice against using that song at all. And you'll probably need a few more clips, but nothing more than 20-25.

->Collect 50+ clips
->Realize 40+ are shit
->Get 10-15 more high quality clips
->Give clips to editor
->Annoyingly get 10 more clips that don't fit into what your editor is doing
->780 views on youtube

There really is no minimum or maximum amount of clips to make a Halo video. Because through editing you can shorten or lengthen any play you want to.

There really is no minimum or maximum amount of clips to make a Halo video. Because through editing you can shorten or lengthen any play you want to.

BX is right--you're kinda overthinking it. You don't really need an exact number of clips. You just collect what you feel is a solid play.  Unless they're making the montage explicitly around the premise of having a theme(like all from one game, or exactly this amount of time or this certain number of clips) I don't think anyone really knows how many clips they're going to need or use or end up using. I can't tell you a single montage I've made where I counted the number of clips I had. You(or in this case, your editor) might want to make changes, or you might get something better in the process, there are so many factors--too many for anyone to pin something like this down.


Just don't worry about it, Simplicity--keep getting clips regardless. It's always better to have too many than not enough. Let the inspiration and flow just come to you naturally, and you'll be fine.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

ForeverSavior's montage with Whispers In The Dark, which happens to be my all time favorite song, is where I first discovered Skillet lol. 

They arent used much in montages? All the more reason to use Collide! I cant tell you how many montages I have imagined with that song at the core, and how epic it would be. Sorry, but I don't like quiet songs, or dubstep, in my montages. The only slow music I like in montaging is film score music. 

And by the way, the intros I have imagined for my use of Collide are (not to be rude to that montage's editor) FAR better than that.  I'd like to model my intro in a slight similarity to how Zola made the intro to Str8 Rippins Halo 3 montage.

Why shouldn't I use that song? I've imagined so many possibilities using that song its not even funny.  Its epic-sounding, reasonably fast paced, and the buildup in the middle is crying for a cool clip to use.  Unless you have a very good reason why, I still plan on using it.
It takes me YEARS to attain 40+ clips of decent quality I would use in a montage or two...

Because it's one that would be put into the list of overused songs in Halo montages. Honestly, anything by Skillet would be. You're saying they aren't mainstream, but they sure as hell were back in 2007-08 (in the Halo scene at the very least). You seem to have missed it though.

Did you not watch the Rooktage that was linked? 400k views, using the same song. That in itself should be an indicator that maybe people have already heard this one too many times. Whatever though, it's your montage.

Skillet was one of the most overused artists in halo 2 montages, it puts your video up to comparison with videos you dont want to be compared to.
Pre 2007-08 then. I still recognize the song and band from a ton of videos.

What slater and Daniel said.

I always give every montage a chance. But if there's one thing that immediately turns me off, its when I start watching a video and immediately hear a song I KNOW FOR A FACT has been in another video.  It just doesn't sit well with me.

I began watching montages back in those days, but I never heard much Skillet. So yeah, that's why I haven heard them much before and you have. I can't tell you how badly I have wanted to use that song, but since you and the others suggest I look elsewhere I suppose I will. Has their newer song Not Gonna Die Tonight been used much? That was one of my other song choices. And I did watch that montage way back when.
If you really, really want to use the song, don't let us stop you. I'm sure you could pull it off much better than anyone else has if you've been planning this for a long time.
Dude, you're over thinking everything. Who cares what anyone thinks of your montage? It's supposed to be for you. Put the clips you want into it, put the song you want in it and edit how you want it to be. It should not be that complicated.
I overthink a lot of stuff.
I have indeed planned using that song for a long time, but there are a couple other song choices I've had in mind as well. I was also worried my clip quality wouldn't match the paceing of the song, but who cares lol.

I personally care a lot about song selection and 'over'think everything. It's what makes making the bigger videos that require a ton of effort and time fun for me.

You often dont just use one song in your video (credits song, intro music, second part etc.), matching those to create a certain vibe or build of intensity level is a fun way to think about song selection. 

My thoughts exactly. 

Most editors do, and it's an important thing to spend time on. I spent a good amount of time looking for music that fit what I wanted for All the Gold 2 and the video I'm currently making as well. 

EDIT: But, I don't think you should be worrying so much about what other people think. Make your montage for yourself and make sure you enjoy it. Don't worry too much about what others think, as long as you like the end product, it's fine.