Require editor for H5M4 - 5 - 7 mins in length

I have a mix of high multikills and high flying shenanigans combined with unique plays, looking for a serious editor to collaborate with and make an awesome video.

Hope to hear back from someone :)

Previous Montages  that are my favourites


Ayy you're going for a bit shorter vid, good to hear :^)
Excited to see the result, man. Extra time should give you more variety, as more maps and modes are gonna be added in the meantime, I'm sure. Your M3 was pretty cool, but it's good to see you trimming the fat and pushing the H5 bar higher.
Would love to edit some Halo 5!
Xander is editing it :)
Oh shit, sounds exciting. Hopefully it's something like Stormy's, loved that video.