Okay, so this trailer isn't really like the usual trailer. PROJECT UNKNOWN can be taken quite literally here, since we are very unsure as to what the project will turn into. I made this trailer not really to start a hype for the main montage, or at least not yet. I'm actually hoping to find an editor through this who is willing to pick up this, quite large, project of ours. Me and my brother started saving clips basically since the release of H3, and barely used any of them throughout these years, so we have quite a few left. 

A little history: Since about 2009, we have been looking off and on for an editor we seemed fit to take on the project, asking around, promoting ourselves. Over time we had a couple of people we came across that were interested, but it never really flourished into anything serious. I also have though about editing it myself, since i have edited some of my own projects so i have a little experience, and doing so would allow us to choose the music and editing style exactly as we want it. But even though it has many pro's, i know that I'll never be content with the edit, because i will always feel like our clips deserve better than i can deliver. So all this time we have just been sitting and waiting to finally release it. We both have already kinda dwelled away from Halo, playing it only occasionally now, and i think it would be an awesome 'goodbye' to the way we used to play Halo. We hoped to be able to find someone for the THF movie competition last year, but that never happened either, unfortunately.  

So, yeah. If there is anyone willing to pick up the project, please contact me or post in this thread. We do have a little bit of a standard when it comes to our editor (i know; how could we... nobody even really knows us montage-wise). But that is both because we believe that our clips are good enough for that, but more even so because this montage will contain so many feels and memories of us, and we really want us to be happy about it and be able to look back on. Sending the clips through fileshare will not really be an possibility anymore, unfortunately. We do have our own capture card, and all clips have already been captured, in HD. I am also willing to put a lot of time into making the angles myself, until they are as imagined by you. 

If interested, you can reply to this thread or send me PM.  Or reply to the video or message me on my youtube channel. If you know someone looking for a project, share the love. And if you have a social network and are nice enough to share this for me; much appreciated.

<3 Tarzan


With no further ado

I thought it was a nice little teaser, I wish you would have spent more time on the text though. It didn't look that great and was pretty boring. However I enjoyed the rest of it! Hopefully you guys get a good editor
I personally really like the text, it had a classic feel to it, even if it's boring. Gameplay looks crazy good. I never knew Chico was your brother, what the fuck?
This came out really nice for something you whipped up quickly. Gameplay looks nasty too. Good luck finding an editor man :)