Capture Quality Sample Thread

Post your Method/Card, set up and result (youtube [+ download link appreciated] )


Elgato HD60 is at 1080p  - by Faint, Fuster & Sk0ls


HD PVR Rocket @ 1080p 30FPS 90$ new - ParfeY


Avermedia Live Gamer HD @30 FPS and 60 mbps  - by HAble


Recording using Twitch Streaming (no costs, depends on connection) - by FrothySoma 


Avermedia Live Gamer Portable: 1080p@30 FPS and 60 mbps bitrate - by Nv1nvible


Hauppauge HD PVR 2 - by Titanium


Matrox MX02 Mini 1080p 60fps external card - by Bigmo10957


Elgato Game Capture HD: 720p60 - by str0kd

 Parfrey (Parfree)