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I've been running PhotoRec on my old hard drive hoping to recover my final montage files. Just found the project file and one clip - hopefully it can find the rest of the video files as well :/ I was finished almost the entire video when this happened. Still so disappointed about it but keeping my hopes up. 


>Exporting h264 directly from after effects



Is that bad?

I always export x264, but since Im running off my laptop it takes forreeevvver using Element 3D and 32bit plugings like PhotoLooks with heavy graphic plugins like RSMB/Twixtor etc. But I'm running a i7 on here so thats pretty much the only problem :(

But here are the resulting vids


Recovered most of the first song of my final. Still no luck with the second song but I've recovered a lot of the raw clips so I might be able to start it over. No idea how I'm gonna create that CC again since I don't have the AE save file :/ Here are some screens.

dam shame you lost a lot it. those screens look sick!

rendered this out earlier, decided to split into two separate vids 

I'm trying to recreate the colour correction from my original video. On the left are the original screens from old renders, on the right are the ones I just made. I also included the raw one as well. Close enough lol?

Less green. Warmer.
Looks like you lost a bit of diffusion also, and the motion blur

Fatal you somehow made reach look really visually appealing! I take it your still planning to make and release your final?

First time using masking to make something which doesn't look shitty imo:

Yep. I recently recovered a lot of the clips off my old hard drive and I'm finished half the second song now. Still missing like 10 nice clips but oh well, what I have is still good. I almost really fucked it up though lol. Saved my vegas file for the intro over the whole original file and lost it all. Luckily, I was just able to find a recent Vegas autosave on my hard drive so it's only a small setback :/ This is why I shouldn't edit late at night lol.

Also, you might want to mask out the area in between the legs of the spartan and maybe turn down the feather a bit so it looks sharper. Looks nice though.

Small render of the second song. Probably just gonna scrap the entire first song. I can't stand the music I used for it anymore lol.

Who recently used this song in an MCC highlight video?  It's driving me crazy.

Who recently used this song in an MCC highlight video?  It's driving me crazy.

me lmao.

Goddamnit  Sher this was bothering me for like a week.  I thought one of the LiT guys used it, but I confused it with Hustla' video.  Thanks bruh.

Can someone help me out? My computer keeps freezing when I go to render this video. I've rendered videos a little longer with less fx and stuff just fine. But This one has a little more going on. It's not overheating, the drivers are up to date and I've spent about 1k on the tower, so I know the parts aren't out of date. It doesn't freeze up whenever I do anything else, just this video. I'm on Vegas 11 if that matters.

EDIT: I just rendered without the intro and it seems to be going. Still would like to know wtf is causing this though. I guess I'll just render the first and second part seperate then put them together.

I used to have issues like that with Vegas 11 as well. Might want to Google it as I know Vegas crashing while rendering was a very common problem that lots of people had. Chances are that you're find a fix somewhere.
yeah i found a fix a while ago for it, but i don't remember what it was. google knew though, google knew.
Yah... I didn't even think it was a Vegas problem, just assumed it was my computer. I'll check it out later tonight.
Tried 7 or 8 things, if anything its worse now. I used to get it to go to 16% or so. Now it doesn't even start. Can't believe people actually buy Sony Vegas lol.


chance to win a new GPU with a 30 second edit

Edited by myself and Revenge.

Fuck thats going to be good, can't wait
What is a simplistic font that is sexy?
This is one of my favourites.
Videos done. Will be out Monday or Tuesday. If anyone has a big video coming out then let me know and I can release it at a later date!

Working on editing my first montage.

I'm using iMovie it's not too shabby. 



>Exporting h264 directly from after effects



Is that bad?


It's basically risky, and exporting from AE to a lossless file or lossless sequence is probably the best practice you should be using.  H.264 slows down the initial render, makes the render take longer, increases chance of instability. Export to a Quicktime Animation file or to a PNG sequence. It's a good habit to have I'd say.


Once that initial render is good and is approved, run it through AME into a cineform file or something.

Some people don't really have the space to render lossless. It takes up a ridiculous amount of storage for big projects. It's definitely my favourite method though.

simple render to test my render times and multitasking capabliities