Looking for someone to cap old H3 Gameplay

Hey guys,

I am looking for someone to capture around 30 H3 clips for me.  If you'd also like to edit let me know and that can be discussed.  But basically summer is here and I have some time to throw together another montage.  Hit me up here or on xbl.  My gamertag is  "a seductive man"  also if you're just reading this cuz why the fuck not and you play 360  then add me on xbl! I need friends <3


Love and peace! -Ticket

I can record your vids for you, but you'll have to find someone else to edit--my computer can't handle that. Give me a few days to set up and I'll send you a message!
sorry i couldn´t do it before Peru. Glad to see someone can do it instead, and when im back and you need some other things capped you know where to find me