Speaking Of, Can I Get Some Angles?

My computer broke during Christmas break, and I lost all my data, of course. I almost lost my Halo 1 clips, including a special one I know I'll never get again--but luckily I had a backup ready. I need to finish my Halo 1 montage NOW, before something happens where I lose my clips for real. Which means, I need someone to record some free-cam footage of Halo 1 maps for me, since obviously my computer can't do it for me. Anyone willing to help?
what is it you need?

Honestly just free-cam of Halo 1 maps, no visible players. If you're looking for specifics, say Battle Creek, Chill Out, Damnation, Hang 'em High, Prisoner--stuff like that. Just panning in a moderately slow, "looking around" speed.  Just to show, "Hey, these maps are in the video, here they are, etc."

So yeah, while my computer's back, I'd really appreciate some help.
ill get you some this week maybe monday or tuesday, was gonna do it last weekend but stuff came up