What are you currently listening to?

its really good, listen to it!
pm have you heard their new album? it's fucking incredible

Death Grips - Lord of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl)

^underrated track. ExMil (and NLDW) are their masterpiece(s) for sure.


this is definitely that one asian kid that used to post here who would always get rekked by life, forget the name

are you saying im stagga? i'm pretty sure i just saw him posting about doing coke in the drug thread, i'm definitely not him lol.



Nooooooo hahahah I mean that artist, Half Japanese hahahaha Just the title felt like angst so I thought of Stagga right away. Also because you two both probably frequented /mu/ and at points have similar tastes.

ooo i gotcha lol 

(for the record i don't frequent /mu/ as much as one would think. youtube, wikipedia articles, rate your music and last.fm are waaay better ways to find new music and what.cd has everything)




is that ur fav breakup song pm?

i need a good recommendation for where to start with their work. i've always like their songs from what i've heard. known about them for years because jesse lacey was on a split ep with them. did you ever like brand new?

just smth i only recently came across

just smth i only recently came across

check this out bby boi