What are you currently listening to?

new sufjan



fire. even as a yeezy fan wasnt a fan of yeezys part but big sean and john legend killed it

Nice, first time I heard that song was this scene in Repo Men:


This one is good too


This song makes me feel like I'm hurtling through space


Church Gone Wild is one of the best, most intense releases Zach Hill has been a part of. It completely eclipses Chirpin Hard (Spencer Seim's 2nd half of the album)


Listened to this shit like 30 times today LOL, shout out to Element for that.



always fun revisiting this album


Went from Incubus to Circa Survive now PartyNextDoor
I need help, a long time ago on the old forum someone posted a song that got removed from my Youtube favourites and the only thing I remember about it is Egypt. Its rap, but thats it... I know vauge as fuck but hopefully someone knows. Also red album cover.


Love the Avalanches


Mac Demarco:


We've lost the minds
We came to know
Like chattel out in the cold
We begged for months
We begged to know
Show kindness never found

Now we all belong
In the Saturdays of our youth
Cause we all have lost
So don't feel so aliened

We'd rise and fall
On pride and gain
Just defending ours, always defending ours
Well we must relate, know well we can't relate
We must relate, know well we can't relate

Drake -  Energy

Shits fire!

Buzzing on that blue moon

Just picked up the new Steven Wilson album "Hand. Cannot. Erase.", loving every minute of it so far. Guthrie Govan on guitar is just godly.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you're a fan of his previous work or just progressive stuff in general. 

I love this movie.