What are you currently listening to?

Yeah, sussed it the other day. Would be pretty sweet

Can't believe I've never actually listened to more Aphex Twin. The only song of his I had ever heard before was Windowlicker and I didn't like it at all.

That's one of my favorite AT songs.

that new ep is one of my favorite thing Open Mike has done



fuck this new site i can't find the youtube button and it's impossible to navigate comfortably, but here's some zach hill

edit: i see now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzq0JUN2gGs

Didnt even know Daft Punk had some groovy shit, that bass line smiley


Good vibes

You know how the roc pile rolls. Hard as fuck.

Trying to venture back into the realm of Hip-Hop, been on a bit of electronic binge for the last couple months.



Lord Pretty Flacko Jodeye 2

some jersey club in this trap remix. gets my legs going.


Love O Rourke. Have you listened to SuperChunk at all? He produced one of their albums and it's godly.


And that new Kanye song with Sia and Vic.