Hip Hop Discussion Thread

i mean theyre both highly overrated :^) fight me

but seriously, its very average and either you're deaf or this is the first hip hop album you've heard if you think this is better than his early stuff. i would say that its better than Yeezus, but still on the same tier (kinda shitty) lyrically. i've listened to it a couple times now and once it ends it feels like i just read the celeb tabloids while waiting in line at a super market. 

these days, kanye is a celebrity before he's a musician. he's good at hyping his music and having others help him out. unfortunately, since MBDTF, he always seems to be a weak point in his own albums.

Best Songs: Ultralight Beam, Famous, FML, No More Parties in LA

Worst: Father Stretch My Hands 1 and 2, Wolves, Facts

he rest of the songs were pretty average. liked the Arthur Russell sample in 30 Hours. 

nahh man MBDTF a masterpiece and Kanye will probably never top it. TLOP was okay and had some good songs but it honestly had no direction at all. There was so much filler on it it was ridiculous. 
Can't wait for Ferg's new album.

No way TLOP is close to MBDTF lol.

I agree that TLOP didn't have a lot of direction. One of the worst album drops I've ever seen with the delay and Tidal bullshit. However, there were definitely some great songs on there, but as a whole I was really under whelmed. The lyricism was really lacking, and the corny lines were really bad and honestly ruined some songs (T-swift, bleach asshole, and ray-j line, amongst others).

My favorites were Ultralight Beam (great song), Father Stretch my Hands (minus the cheesy bars), Waves (could have done with someone other than Chris Brown, really don't like him), FML, No More Parties, and Fade. I really like Wolves, but I think Kanye dropped the ball with the new version without Vic and Sia, though the addition of Frank was great. His singing and bars weren't up to par, and thought the SNL version would have been great CDQ. I have a kinda shitty mixed version of them combined, which I like.

find me a lyrically impressive song on the entire album. Chance and Kendrick had good verses, i can't think of a single verse Kanye does where i was like "goddamn Kanye". I can even do that on fucking Yeezus which was an awful album.
His verse on No More Parties in LA was great. Probably topped Dots verse tbh
How do I hear this do I just need to torrent or can it be streamed somewhere?

^^^ I was listening to a bunch of Tribe Quest, Fugees and Big L last week + some Badu

​been crankin the carlton heist and canal street confedential all month



and a bit of the hometown homie, saw dude back in oct when he came back home for a local show. soooo good


ive been listening to a lot of sampha lately that I was gonna post on KTT but literally every track is amazing

also the new kanye album is too fire.

my nigga. I was actually about to use this track the other day. Denzel that dude, but he beefin with spaceghost now and I aint seen SGP on facebook or insta in forever. I wanted to DM dude and see what was up with that shit 







did a car test with my new sub settings the other night with a few of my old tracks and this shit bangs





still salty my old soundcloud is gone though


That beat you used for Tank was so fuckin' chill...cool


yea, eric dingus was my shit back then

been awhile since the last time ive watched tank /good vibes, tysmiley