What's on your mind?

Some of you probably heard but Corsair bought the gaming branch of Elgato. So I'll officially be under Corsair monday.

Got my corsair email and everything. Pretty cray
Sweet dude. Aren't they focusing on smart home shit now or something?

I swear to god I keep randomly seeing shit about halo on Reddit or YouTube and instantly get the feels and have to check back here. 

I miss the old rep system and all that drama

How the fuck is life going for everyone? 

Wife and  I went to my parent's house for the weekend and my mom gave me a letter she got in the mail the other day. Apparently in 8th grade we had to write a "Time capsule" letter to our future self.... First line is: "Just released my 4th montage under the name HAble. Probably get to 100 one day. These things are dam awesome!!"


Sadly I made it above and beyond that number...


Second line was, "I'm growing my hair out and it's looking great, I'm going to keep growing it out!"


Sadly I didn't get a girlfriend...