My Twitch Poker Stream

Been on quite the upswing as of late (around 3k) so I thought I'd start streaming. No Mic or cam yet because my laptop is shit. If you enjoy cards come by and say hi! I play mid-high stakes MTTs Http://
Btw there is a 3min delay.
Damn I need to get on this. What poker app are you using? Is it easy to deposit money? I've tried before on one app and my bank denied it which wasn't super surprising. I've only been able to go to the casino lately but would like to play low buy in tourneys
Just Google online us poker sites.
You're a nerd, nerd
Card games are for hardcore, scotch taped glasses, nerds.
DnD and Magic and Pokemon...I agree. Nerd
I'm also live
Will follow on stream. 
Shunt? SHUNT Thanks dude

Bovada is about the best in my opinion for US players. I just have to confirm every deposit with my bank. No biggie...

However, right now im a broke ass bitch and i play free play...LOL

I wish gambling wasn't such a big deal in the US. If I want to have my card work, I have to call them back and tell them to turn my restrictions off

+$500 last night in 50 PLO.  That is 10 buy ins.  Have the whole thing on my Twitch VOD if anyone wants to see some ridiculous rungood.  


I am very close to switching my job to part-time and dedicating 40hrs a week on poker.

I call your bluff.
Almost at final table $1.7k for 1st . Streaming now.
Says youre offline. I'll keep refreshing it
Cashed for $90. Monday will be streaming $800 worth of mtts
LIVE NOW! A bunch of money to be won today boys
On final table of a PLO event, 2.8k for 1st! Http://
Need some support fellas! Deep in a $170 MTT

just won this on stream

Drinks on this guy amiright?