What do you collect?

Honestly, I don't want to admit how much I paid for that Base Set booster box. Stupid amount, but I'm not opening it. I'm either keeping it another 10+ years, or selling it for profit.

The Jungle box and the Team Rocket box were half the price combined, so I decided to open one of them.
bruh tell us how much you dropped we want to know
He probably could have gotten it as low as $750 and as high as $1000.
You're definitely on the right track. 

Great thread Marksman, some really cool shit in here, will lurk properly when i am awake, i collect Columbine related documents somewhat for an archive, apart from that just women and BROKEN HEARTS

Also i just scrolled up and noticed people talking about pokemon cards, i actually have a collection from when i was younger, no crazy misprints or that shit but its quite valuable, may post pics at some point

Amanai needs to post his Halo collection.  It is incredible.

Amanai needs to post his Halo collection.  It is incredible.

Is that the Bristish kid?

I found these two today: 







Pit was a seriously lucky find. It has been out for months, and is known as one of the harder to find Amiibo. It's not a reprint or restock either, the date on the back is from the original release. So yeah, that complete's my Kid Icarus collection.

I also found a Jigglypuff, but the prices vary a lot from store to store here, and it just wasn't worth it.

I collect lots of dank memes
I actually just started collecting movie tickets recently. Would be pretty cool 20-30 years down the road, remembering all of these classics I went and saw.
I actually did exactly that when I was 10 and up until a few years ago. I threw them all away when I moved this summer, because it just wasn't worth anything in my eyes anymore, even after all these years. 
I have OG Pokemon and Yugioh cards in a binder somewhere, that's about it. Trying to collect the OG .Hack games but getting Quarantine for a reasonable price is nearly impossible.
I think it mostly comes down to each memory. If you have a ticket that you bought because you were bored and wanted to see a movie, it probably won't be worth much sentimental value. Not saying that happened with you. I'm going to try and have a good time with my movie experiences, with people I know. Lately I've been going on my own and it's depressing as shit. But that doesn't take away my admiration of a good movie.
I honestly didn't even bother to go through them. 50+ tickets, and I didn't have much time to pack.
I collected Wheelman and Splatter medals in th Halo gmes haha... , I still have a good bunch of yugioh cards laying around also some quite rare stuff I think.  Th only current thing I collect are CDs, mostly Metal bands. I just like to have the physical copy of the Album and the opportunity to put them in the CD player in my car, it's good to get a full impression of the whole album that way instead just knowing 3 songs or so. If I had the money I would buy all te albums I only have digital as hardcopys too.
GOAT series. Used to read the manga and watch the anime too.
I'm starting a collection of vinyl records. I have maybe 10 so far.

Loving that beautiful collection Marksman. <3

Side note I think it would be pretty obvious on what I collect, I'm an anime freak so ever since I was about 17 I've collected different anime DVD sets here and there as well as manga from time to time depending what manga it is. I've got the whole series of DBZ GT, and currently collecting the entire series of DBZ and Dragon Ball as well as Sailor Moon.  I've got the entire series of Trinity Blood and the 2003 original Full metal Alchemist (not the brotherhood although I plan to collect that) as well as Peacemaker Kurogane and Toward the Terra series. A few anime movies here and there as well as a few more series but honestly I've been to wrapped up in collecting all of DBZ, and Dragon Ball currently.

As a kid though I was all over collecting Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards honestly can't remember what I did to them to be frank though.

I have the entire series of dragonball. Watched the entire thing in a few weeks time with my ex.


My recent finds have been absolutely crazy.

These 4 are some of the hardest figures to come by (high demand, low supply), and I got them all for retail price. I just happened to check in on the stores at the very day that their restocks came in (no warning, no alerts at all. completely by chance), and it was a no brainer for me. They didn't even know they would get them last time I checked, and they only got like 2-3 of each. 

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