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Default The Best Mini-Universal Remote [Prank/Info]


This is by far the best mini universal around, it easily fits into your pocket and can swipe it out any time. Works in a range of around 50ft (from what I have experienced). This has worked on several types of TV's in my school (Sony, Zenith, Panasonic). Its hilarious to turn on the tv and change the channels at ease. Great to use in school, as a prank, out somewhere. I have found only one bad side, its for the people who are not used to the remote they have to wait around at least 40 seconds before the TV actually turns on because it is going through 1000's of codes doing each one 1 at a time so they will get impatient (each code is like a milisecond)

I recommend you to get it, its easily affordable ($9.99) on ebay or several other sites.

Some more info:

Places to buy:
Ebay or is the Mini518 remote, just buy able in the USA, as it says on the back in complicated chinese.

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That looks awesome :O
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Dude, my friend just showed me his the other day. I was like where did you get, and he is like I'm not telling ya, thanks I am sure going get people with this remote.

Originally Posted by Thepanzergnome View Post
OMFG mini zee.

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Hmmm... Do want.

I might buy it right now

Jack in office.
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This looks sweet.


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